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February 20th, 2010

here's another one. :))

today, waking up was weird. haha! I wake up, then after a few minutes, I go back to sleep. eventually, around 8:30, I woke up without going back to sleep. this is weird because normally, when I wake up, I don't fall asleep again. haha!

okay, here goes. at around 10:00, Khimee was here at my house. we didn't do much, just play PSP. then I took a bath and she's still playing. she uses Alisa coz it's her favorite character. haha! then, at around 11:00, my mom was home. everything went smooth. we ate lunch then I asked for money and got a little sermon again. at around 11:45, me and Khimee left the house to go to Manresa (my High School) because it's family day.

when we got to Manresa, at first we didn't see any of my batch mates and friends. wrong timing right? but as we went around some more, we bumped into Marvin and the friends were seen soon enough. finally, I introduced Khimee to some of my friends and it was okay. although some of these friends were girls that I once had a "fling" with. so Khimee got a little jelly. :P but eventually, I explained the story and everything was okay. she knows how much I love her and those past events in my life are less important than my present with her. :)

at around 2:00pm, me, Khimee, Marvin, Emman, Pauline, and Faustin went to byte head to play left for dead 2. unfortunately, we weren't able to play because the game didn't have any versus maps downloaded. instead, Pauline and Emman played left for dead 2 while the rest of us decided to play Call of Duty 4. the good news for me, I still have my magic touch when playing. I dominated each round. haha! and I had fun. the not-so-bad news, is that playing for 1 and a half hours made me feel a bit "bitin" and wanting to play more. haha!

at 3:30, me, Khimee and Marvin went out to go home but stopped by 7-11 to buy slurpee, a drink and knick nacks. then we waited for a jeep but eventually rode a trike to southland. from there, Marvin parted ways with us then Khimee and me rode a bus. when we got out, we rode another trike to Khimee's house and I saw her room (again) then at around 4:45, I went home.

when I got home, I changed my clothes and turned on my laptop. when the clock stroked 6pm, we ate dinner. the day made me realize, Manresa family day isn't that fun anymore. I guess its because of the fewer stalls and there wasn't that much to do anymore. now, its 7:39 in my watch and I have nothing to say anymore. haha! post to ya later journal! :) 

February 19th, 2010

whatever today

 okay. so today is Friday, Feb. 19, 2010. pretty much a normal day except for the animo fair. ahaha!

as any day that I don't have class, I woke up a bit late. around 8am to be precise. then, the love of my life came at around 8:30am. we talked a bit then I took a bath. at around 10:15, we left the house to go to school. unfortunately for her, she came in to her make up class just in time to see the last slide of the power point. haha!

moving on, we had a little misunderstanding at agno. but everything's okay now. lets put that in the past. haha! so, at around 1pm, we went in already. this time, unfortunately for me, I had to pay 50pesos to get in. the fair was fun. there were arcades, rides, stalls selling food and other stuff like clothes, bags, etc.. also, we played tekken 6 with some friends then at around 5pm, we went to the chapel to pray the stations of the cross and what do you know? it wasn't that bad. haha!

another misfortune for me, well, actually, for me and Khimee, I had to go home a bit early. around 7:30 and she had to go with me. I felt sorry though, coz I also wanted to stay and watch urbandub. but noooooo! I had to go home early. but it's okay. the ride home and the food stop over was fun as well. this was because I get to spend time with Khimee. :)

now, I'm home.. just waiting for the sleeping dragon to awaken from her slumber and the epic battle against darkness will begin. and now, as time comes closer to knowing whether I get to live or die, I just want to say. I found it in me to appreciate my life. I mean, sure, a lot of bad things happen to me and a lot of misfortunes, but when I take time to think and look at it, there are also a lot of positive things that happen to me. and I thank God for all the blessings He has given me, specially for the gift of friends, life, family and all those other stuff. but I thank Him more for Khimee. :) she motivates me and lets me remember that the finer things in life cannot be achieved by sitting down and waiting for it to happen. I love her so much. :)

so, this is it.. time to say goodnight and goodbye for now. I'll post again soon. :)

February 13th, 2010


 Today, it was a bit boring.. All I did was watch TV then eventually, I watched How I met Your Mother.. Well, for a fact the only thing that makes my weekends better, is I still talk to the one I love. Oh yes, she definitely knows how to brighten up my day.. Yes, sometimes we argue, but eventually, it turns to a joke and we laugh about it.

This morning as I woke up, its just like any other morning. The first thing that popped into my mind was the girl I love. :) I never even thought, not in my wildest dreams that one day, she'll be mine and I'll be hers. But it did. So a piece of advice, if you really like someone, don't hesitate to tell that person how you really feel. :)

Moving on, by lunch time, I had tuna omelette and tomato, not bad for a quick meal. I got stuffed and got to my TV watching. Glee was up so I was kinda excited. I like the show, can you blame me? haha! Anyway, moving on. After watching glee, I took a bath and started watching How I Met Your Mother. (still talking to my love [through txt] and I love it!) Whadda ya know, its still a bit enough that we're still in touch.

Its dinner time. well, actually, my grandfather and aunt ate without me coz I was waiting for the food my mom bought. Then my mom came home with max chicken. This is where the argument came in. The reason? Its the chicken. I love chicken, but it has a certain reaction to my face. Whenever I eat chicken, I get pimples and my love hates them. haha! So, she got a bit irritated that I have to eat chicken, but I don't have a choice. Eventually, we settled the disagreement and we're happy again. :)

That's pretty much it, for now.. maybe I'll think of something later.
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